Sunday, January 24, 2010

Walking Off my Grrrrrrrrs!

Yesterday, I woke up and still felt anger racing through me.
My dad; he reflects back the qualities in me that I don't like about myself. I want to blame, but I know better. Fix him? Nope. I know better there, too. But grrrrrrrrrrr!!!
The only thing I knew I could do was take a walk. And what a splendid morning to do so! It was the first break after a 5 day rain - rare around Southern California. Greeted with a crisp and gorgeous morning, off I went...5.5 miles walking as fast, and as angrily, as I could.
The warm, early sun brought steam off the moisture saturated trees. Ha! How appropriate for my hot head. Even through my gaping frustration, I didn't want to miss the beauty all around.

I walked to the highest point in town that I knew I could get to on foot so I could see this!
Oh, and I forgot!
I am a cookie baker. My specialty: peanut butter and chocolate chip.
Life is short! Eat off the good china everyday! (My grandma cringes every time I tell her that.)


  1. wow what a beautiful area you get to live in!! my favourite photograph would have to be the wagon wheels and trees. it looks like there's a streamer of mist passing through. e-mail me a cookie please! steven

  2. Fathers and daughters. It's a dance that can be delicate and sometimes difficult. Polarities of sex, age, and power appear, and if either dancer missteps, toes can be stepped on. When toes are sore, a walk outside the dance hall, up to lookout hill, why it's just the thing.

    Walking off anger, or sadness, worry or any vexation--it's so effective. I don't understand the magic of walking, but walking returns me as if by magic to the world as it actually is: lovely, benign, and mysterious.

    I love the black and white photos, especially the two of the old wheels and the worn wooden steps. There's a timelessness to them. Beautiful snowy mountains, too.

  3. Love your photos. Isn't walking marvelous? Hope your were able to "shake it off" and get ready to enjoy a new day, a new week, a new you.

  4. My favorite is the wagon wheels/trees too. I also love the juxtaposition of the palm trees against the backdrop of snowy mountains. We have snowy mountains aplenty here, but alas, no palm trees.

    Ha! My mother reacts just about the same way as your grandma because I use the silver flatware I inherited from my great-aunt every day.

    The Angry Walker would be a great book title.

  5. 'The Angry Walker would be a great book title.'
    indeed...or a cool name for a band -walker(s)

    oh, the jewel of the empire!