Sunday, January 3, 2010

This Little Light

This Little Light - 'tis one of my favorite songs.

Bruce Springsteen is a talented man, but I have never cared for his music.
But I do love his rousing rendition of this song.

This version comes from fellow blogger & blog follower, Todd B.


  1. Hi, Jenny--

    I loved both versions, by both Bruce and Todd. So different! Todd's got my nod, though, because his is homemade, my favorite kind of music. And he's play the UKE!!! A flea. (I play his big brother, The Fluke, in kindergarten.) The world needs more homemade music!

    This Little Light of Mine is on my ALL TIME KINDERGARTEN HIT PARADE. I sing it every year, quite often. I'll sing it tomorrow, first thing. Let it Shine, world!

  2. hi jenny, i'm not a springsteen fan although his disc "nebraska" is really extraordinary - and totally different to his usual stuff. however, my nod goes to todd.

    rock on with your kindies dan!!!!

    have a peaceful evening jenny. steven

  3. Ok, not to be superficial or anything - but dang, Bruce looks good! And that Todd is a cutie!

    Now that that's out of my system...

    It's a funny thing. I never liked Bruce Springsteen until recently. He's really been growing on me, for some reason.

    Thanks for sharing these. It's impossible to hear this song without getting happy. And kind of choked up. In a good way.

  4. Hi Jenny

    this song took me on a lovely trip back to infancy and singing with the sunday school kids in church...Later I adopted the 'little light' metaphor as an adult teacher and counsellor - as an emblem for the opening of awareness through sharing my talents and skills.

    As for Brucey - I went to see him live and now adore him. His music was so vital and fresh and he had am amazing ability to connect with his felt he was talking and singing to you personally...such incredible energy...and his wife (or ex) Pattie also has a wonderful voice and manner.

    thanks for the little light
    Happy days