Saturday, January 2, 2010



It sounds like an atrocious color scheme until you see it in a blazing sunset.
Gratefully, I saw one yesterday, New Year's Day. Glorious!!

Oh, God,

whose spirit moves though all things,

your infinite radiance IS!

Grant that the truth in me shall mirror

your Divinity today and everyday. -C.Stevning

Artwork - 16 x 20, oil bars on canvas, 2004.
The words are one of my favorite prayers, written by my brother. Thanks, Cam!!


  1. Wonderful colorful picture, but the moon was almost full yesterday!!! In a bit more than two weeks, we'll see a crescent moon at sunset as seen in this picture.

    I LOVE your brother's prayer. Is he a minister?

  2. Hi, Dan!
    No, my brother is not a minister...he's just awesome.

  3. Gosh, I just LOVE your art!!!

    I'm blessed to live in a place where we get sunsets like that almost every day. I never get used to it.

  4. one of the most redeeming things about AZ is her sunsets...

    but, i could just sit and have a picnic on the hills you did...i love them...

    cam's prayer...beautiful :)

  5. ~ Well said Dwen ~

  6. By the way, I've said it before. Let's see some more larger format stuff from you.

    Try a big canvas with your left hand for crying out loud!

    Sketch this one with your south paw:

    "Hey Dwen, take a walk on the wild side. . . .and the colored girls go doot da doot, doot, doot da doot, doot, da doot, doot, doot da doot, doot, da doot, doot, doot,da doot, doot da doot, doot, doot da doot dooooooooooooo!"

  7. Hello Jenny
    I am delwyn a friend of dan and Steven and a new friend of Polly too.
    Your posts have touched me, your art so appealing . I hope that we can get to know each other this year.

    Happy days

  8. hello jenny - i was on the road all day yesterday so i missed this painting and words from brother. they sit well side-by-side. i love brother's words from lou reed. go for it!!! steven

  9. Pollinatrix and Todd - Thanks to you, both!! I am envious you get to feast on amazing sunsets often.

    Cam - Yes, I hear you! :) Mom wants me to draw hand and feet again, so between the requests of you both, we'll see what comes up!! It is a good and constant reminder for me to lighten up. Thank you!

    Delwyn - Hello! And welcome! Your icon photo and name are familiar to me - I've seen you on around and I am thrilled you have landed here as well!! Thank you very much!

    Dan- I am glad you stopped by this morning. Yes, my brother's Lou Reed words made me chuckle. Well see what happens! :)