Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sleepy, Happy, Tears

I am late in my post.
It has been a funny day: a mixture of tears, a deeply grateful heart and a chance to pull my big-girl panties up a little higher.

I stood my ground.
I set a boundary.
But still, I may have caused someone pain.
The tears.

Early this morning, from a woman all the way in Australia,
I find that I have unexpectedly been given praise in a blog post dedicated just to me.
The grateful heart.

All of this combined has given me reason to pull my big-girl panties a bit higher. I didn't know what I was doing when I started blogging - just knew it was time. It has fed my creativity in ways I never expected and I treasure my blogging friends, followers, comments and supporters.

I am a Fool.
I am grateful!

Oh, and the photo...well, that was me at 6:15 a.m. this morning when I had discovered Besty B's post. I couldn't stop smiling!! At least my teeth were brushed! But what good does that do over the world wide web?!


  1. You have beautiful teeth!

    I too have had an uncommon day with a mixture of tears and deep gratitude.

    I treasure you too, and you totally deserve that tribute.

    And I want to see those green slippers.

  2. Oh - and I too would love it if your art was available for sale!

  3. Is your art for sale?

    and I think it was just a strange day for all...maybe it was in the clouds or something;)

  4. What a lovely way to greet the day. I also have an Aussie friend, and she is oh, so kind. Perhaps it's in the water? Glad you stood your ground, I seldom could. Well done.

  5. Jenny...I have come to your blog via - Blooming World and Mindful Heart...personally I felt that if you are in those places, your place might very well be a place for me. No doubt I was right.

    I am very thankful for you that you set a boundary. This is a very tough thing to do. Congratulations. I know that it was hard. I know this because I have done this. So, from one boundary setting girl to another...Yeehaw for you!

    It has been a day of odd things...very odd things for me also, but as I sit and read and I am drenched with all of the goodness being poured out...I see that it pulls out of all of us thankfulness. I love that!

    Also, Congratulations on the blog post/recognition, the peacefulness you give is spreading and this is wonderful! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!

  6. I like the photo; you look quite happy, with a veneer of sadness just beneath; a nice complexity of emotion.

    Yay for you! Your blog is definitely a pleasure to visit, and worth a post like the one you got today.

  7. jenny - i'm truly happy for you and for the very kind words that have been said about your work here. your honesty, your creativity, and your presence are worthy of celebration!!! have a peaceful day. steven

  8. Jenny, great blog, keep up the great work. Love your art.
    Deacon Steve

  9. some of my biggest heroes have been considered fools....oh well...another lovely quote to steal/use 'don't come with your excuses...' :)

    gah! love it.

    the 'fool' post made me think of this quote, which i believe has its roots in 'hasidic wisdom..'

    'Is there some way I can find my own allotted work?
    Yes. Search for the deepest inclination of your heart and follow it.'

    -anthony de mello/one minute wisdom

  10. Hello Jenny

    this is a lovely open photo of you, I can get a sense of the beautiful woman that you are...
    and I have to agree with Susan - Australian women are nice!!!

    Happy days

  11. A belated response from me Jenny. I am so pleased that it helped you start your day with a smile. I'm know that your blog helps many start the days with a smile :)