Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mama Please Tell Me

Momma, please tell me truly
even though life ain't what it should be
where can I go to fix these things inside


Life isn't easy and truth's a dreadful beauty

and everyone wants to know
where they go
when they die

It sings of a coming glory

strangely tied to this awful story
It lifts its heart and gives
wings to fly
and so it goes...

-Abigail Washburn

(First stanza, chorus and last
stanza from her song, Momma.)

Belly to the sky.
Even in the healing, we find more pain.

Mama, if the heron has taken his last flight,
where does that leave my hummingbird?
Must he go too?
...not yet..

Photo - Me and my mama 1975. I love old photo booth pics.
Oh! And mom...I know you read, so thanks for letting me use this photo! You can "shoot" me later!

Abigail Washburn's song, Momma, is one of my favorites. In fact, the entire album, Song of the Traveling Daughter, is great.


  1. Where can I go to fix these things inside?

    I think the question contains the answer: inside. A meditation or prayer practice--going inside--is the place to go.

    Ultimately, that inside worklove heals the inside.

    Then what else is left to do except to bring that healing kindness into the world?

    Lovely post, Jenny!

  2. Of course I read your blog and you don't need fixing and you don't need those showy male birds of yesterday, because you have your own feathery wings!
    Yo momma