Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ordained Mystery

I will.

I will sit in those scary places, and see my unloved shadow.
I will sit in the fear of a being alone.
I will sit in this rooted anger, pull it from my bell and trust that somehow it will transform.

I will.

I will tread carefully to the center of your heart.
I will rage noisily to the center of my anger.
I will dance freely to ease your pain and mine.
I will hold tightly to what I know is True.
I will die simply to any pain your honesty brings.
I will love boldly to share this life I Love.
I will continue bravely whether you are in my life...or not.

There is a kiss in the palm of your hand. Take it!
Put your palm to your heart and feel God's rhythm.
You know it.
It has told you, but you try not to listen.
Wake up to your beauty! Wake up!!

Artwork - 2.5 x 3.5 inches, colored pencil. I drew this last night as I found myself swimming in a sea of unexpected, juvenile anger. My heart thought of a Rumi poem I adore. You can see it HERE on Steven's blog, The Golden Fish. (far right column)
I will remember to throw my head back and laugh. I will remember this is a gift. (said in an obstinate, growling voice) Hahahaha!


  1. you leave me speechless....beautiful

  2. I'm blown away - as Steven said, speechless. You have no idea how much the image and the words means to me.

  3. jenny - establishing a place to begin - a place of constants that you determine for yourself - then you can set out on your journey with a sense of who you are inside where you wish to be. it's the richest and most powerful first step!! lovely writing and a gorgeous, covetable (is that a word 'cause it should be if it isn't yet!) work of art. steven