Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whispering Jesse

...things I would do different if I could do them again...

Hello, my friend.
Come meet me on the path of steady dirt.
We will laugh at the sunrise which comes to slow for our aching arms.
And then we'll laugh even harder.
No one will know.
Remember, my friend, even the tiniest pebble can create a mighty long shadow.

Words - found in my sketch book. It is paraphrased, left-handed writing, penned while in Lone Pine, CA this past October.


  1. thw words paired with the song and video...just stunnung....

    peace my friend

  2. I grew up listening to John Denver and just love him. Thank you for this.

    The path of steady dirt - oh yes.

  3. hello jenny stevning - the tiniest pebble - being inside that pebble and feeling the shadow spreading away from me is a reminding sensation of all that matters in terms of recognizing that we all have a place and the opportunity to create goodness. steven