Sunday, January 10, 2010

She Told Me To Look

Have you ever noticed the most gorgeous
part of a sunrise happens long before
you see the sun?

A curious thought... offered from a source
you cannot see...


feeling the warning signals of a silent migraine,
I crawled into bed in the early evening.
A short while later, my sister texts me:

Go look at the sky.

I did.
Feasting my eyes on a fiery,
hot pink horizon,
I cried.
For the sunset? Yes, a bit -
more for the fact that it was my
sister telling Me to Look.

Photo - Taken Tuesday morning, January 5. I just caught the tail end of what must have been an amazing sunrise.


  1. hello jenny stevning - it's nice to have a sentinel who shares their eyes and ears with you. the sunset is gorgeous. sage words as well - the early flickers of salmon and tangerine presage the glory of a sunset. have a peaceful day and i hope you feel better soon. steven

  2. The sky's very spaciousness has a way of offering solace and comfort especially when earthbound events begin to weigh us down. That same Tuesday, January 5, the California sunset buoyed my spirits on a day that had been difficult. My Wednesday Tanka told the story.

    I hope you're feeling better. And I'm grateful you've got a loving sister in your life.

  3. lovely sentiment and pic