Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Calmed by the Orange Grove

Under the rising sun

there is enough



off the grove

to calm

my anger

and yours.

Artwork: 2.5 x 3.5 inches - shimmery water colors, pen and colored pencil.
This is my 10ish minute interpretation of one of my town's orange groves from bird's-eye view.
I drew and outlined with my left hand: colored and painted quickly with my right.
The words came to me on my walk this morning. I was thinking of hidden anger in me, and in a friend. The air. Cool. The sun. Warm. But walk by an orange grove and the deep coolness wafting out is heavenly! I created the image as soon as I returned home.


  1. What a lovely work of art, both the words and the painting.....

    I wanted to thank you for your words on my blog...it helped so much to hear from someone who understood what I was saying....I hope you stop by again

    I enjoy your blog, consider me a follower now, and I will be back


  2. I needed this at this very moment.

  3. I felt fusion of abstraction and concreteness.

  4. Jenny,

    it's a beautiful picture...and this discipline of using 'both hands' goodness!

    i am curious to know how many of the groves are left....those groves held a mystical quality for me...before i recognized it as such ha ha!

  5. it's lovely jenny! brought back memories of my childhood...growing up in south florida:) thanks for sharing:):) xox...jenn