Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The ONE I Love


the One

I Love

lives inside

of you...

I lean

as close

to you

as I can.

Artwork - 2.5 x 3.5 inches, colored pencil: drawn left hand and colored right handed.
I know these words from a yoga song, but I don't know where they originate from.


  1. I love these colors. I'm new to your art. Why do you draw with left and color with right?

  2. Jenny - 1/Thank you for answering my questions and sharing part of your journey. It is beautiful. I am anticipating your etsy debut. I simply cannot wait!!!!

    I adore your work with the word lean. This is lovely. I hope to share the pic soon, no time for downloading pics these days.

    This is beautiful, simply beautiful.

    I am drawn to the orange grove in one of your recent previous posts. I would love to have this for my very own.

  3. I am utterly smitten with this drawing. It's my favorite now. I would like to just sit here and look at it all day.

    I'm very drawn to the color orange right now, and having been getting the sense that it's a theme for the year. I'm especially attracted to the combination of orange and those blues you have there.

    The stitched heart. Oh, the stitched heart. I'm speechless on that one.

  4. LOVE this would be beautiful in my little collection....

  5. hmmmm jenny there's a line drawn between the us and the all and i like that you draw and write your way past that line. this is a special piece of art. thanks. steven

  6. Really wonderful. Heartfelt. I love the yellow light above the head. And, as others do, the stitched heart.

  7. it's all lovely,

    but i'm with dan....the light above the head and the hagiograph/halo looking thingy (whatever you call it :) is wonderful...

    more light please :)

  8. HI Jenny

    someone said

    'Put your ear down close to your soul
    and listen'

    I think that is what your image is doing...

    Happy days