Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Couple of Things...

Over the past couple weeks I have shared
photos that I am a mess maker and a cookie baker.
I am a crayon lover, too.
I LOVE to color!

You can always find at least one box of crayons in my home.
Even if they aren't used, I keep them as a reminder of
the little things...the simple things.

Susan, aka Pollinatrix, of the Whole Blooming World,
was kind enough to include me in her latest blog post.
Thank you!
I know we both adore coloring,
as well as the color ORANGE.
My gift of gratitude is this coloring page.
(click the image and print from full size)

Lastly, my BIG GIRL PANTIES! I really do own a pair.
A friend gave me these a few years ago.
Tuesday, I mentioned Fear had arrived. I decided it could
stay so long as laughter still fit in the equation. It did.
To lighten my heart and make myself laugh in the dorkiest of ways,
I pulled up my big girl panties a little higher and took the photo.



  1. Hey Jenny, thanks for the coloring page! Check out the results over at my blog. It was a gift, thanks. Steve

  2. Great photo. You're a big girl now.

  3. I woke up crying this morning and now I'm laughing. From tears of sadness and loss to tears of joy and gratitude. It's amazing. Laughter gets rid of Fear, but not sadness - it just mixes with it and makes something beautiful and complete.

    Thank you so much.

  4. hello jenny stevning! the cushions, the painting, the panties, the eyes - dots everywhere!!!! i'm going to drop the drawing, do a little retweaking of the image and see what my class does with it! what a gift. steven

  5. Steve - thank you so much for being willing to color!

    Dan - Thank you!

    Susan - I do hope you will color, too! I am sorry you woke up in tears. But your words are so perfect! Laughter with tears does make "something beautiful and complete."

    Steven - I am curious to see what you class comes up with...oh, and don't forget to color one yourself!

  6. Jenny,
    I'm still here, though I never seem to have anything profound to say, unlike the rest of your followers. Today, however, I must comment because that picture is hilarious...and you are so cute!


  7. Oh, and I can't wait to color! Thanks!

  8. and that ladies and how it is done....

    and that is all i have to say about that...

  9. Thank you, Nicol! You never have to say anything - just good to know you are there.
    Happy coloring!!

    Thank you, Todd!!

  10. Well, my tears of sadness and joy then became tears of frustration because I couldn't get my printer to work!

    It's ok now, though, and it ended up printing out two copies in the end. So I may experiment with different color schemes - when I can actually find the time to color!

    Thank you again. That was the best part of my day yesterday, and sustained me through the yuck of the rest of it.

  11. LOVE your big girl knickers! I'm so impressed that you own a pair!