Monday, February 1, 2010

A Monday of Deep Joy & Huge Tears

Open these threads...

Allow me to weave love and beauty

into this cloth I Love.

Take these threads...

Gently sew them to the edge of my waiting.

Bind these threads...tenderly

to the one who breaks my heart.

Drawing: 1.30.10 - 2.5 x 5.5 inches, pen.
Question: My black background and gray ink is sometimes hard on my own eyes, and a dear friend said she enjoys reading my posts but the colors kill here eyes. So, I am open to any feedback and suggestions any of you may have regarding this particular layout, colors and legibility of font choice. Thanks!


  1. Jenny, I bet you could keep the black a surrounding and put the printed type on a grey smaller background with black letters. steve

  2. Thank you, Steve! I will experiment.

  3. Color letters are always difficult for me to read, no matter what the background. I get a strange 3-D effect with them, but I'm in line for new tri-focals, so that's probably just me. Love your blog with the beautiful images and the poetry. It often sends me to do more research, and that's certainly a good thing.

  4. My eyes do the same thing with black and white. Thank you, Susan, for the kind words!

  5. i like the layout of your blog jenny. steven

  6. I agree with Steven.

    And I like your poem. A lot.

  7. 'Take these threads...

    Gently sew them to the edge of my waiting.'

    golden...just lovely...