Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Polar Bear Hug

I dreamed of a polar bear.

Sketch - a Post-It doodle, drawn
while waiting for papers to print.
And I really did dream of a polar bear.
I was a little frightened,
but I felt very safe and home-y.


  1. Hey Jenny, one day i dreamed of a bear, only it was real. It was lunch time in the woods and the whole crew was asleep in a brush pile. when I thought I heard the boss coming. I awoke from my nap to find a bear sticking his head out of a thicket ( I suppose he was trying to figure out what all the snoring was about ). Needless to say there was a sudden commotion among the sleeping lumberjacks.
    Your sleepy friend Steve.

  2. Dreams are such unusual companions. Last night, for instance, I dreamed I was pole vaulting over creeks while wearing suede saddle shoes that were inexplicably covered with ice cream. How does one draw that?

  3. jenny - so who or what does the bear represent for you? i love to unpack my dreams . . . to dig beneath the symbolic surface and gather the knowledge being shared with me. the polar bear - what a big softie! steven

  4. I love the variety of comments here!
    Steve - I love you bear story and I don't think I would be so chill in a real bear encounter.

    Susan - That is a wonderful dream! Cool images - I think you should collage it!

    Steven - I like to "unpack" my dreams sometimes too. This bear left an impact long into the waking hours. When I dig in my dreams I like to do my own interpreting but for the polar bear I checked other resources. Both said it was a symbol of awakening, or awakening to my own true colors. Quite appropriate, I must say!