Friday, February 12, 2010

Hafiz & My Whale

The sky is a suspended blue ocean.
The stars are the fish that swim.

The planets are the white whales
I sometimes hitch a ride On,

The sun and all light have forever
fused themselves into my heart
and upon my skin.

There is only one rule on this Wild Playground,
every sign Hafiz has ever seen reads the same.

They all say,

"Have fun, my dear; my dear, have fun
in the Beloved's divine Game.
O, in the Beloved's Wonderful Game."

-Hafiz, translated by Daniel Ladinsky

Drawing -2.5 x 3.5 inches, oil pastel and colored pencil.
Last night, while waiting for a friend to arrive, I allowed myself a few minutes to play and "have fun." Oh, this Wild Playground! There is so much I don't understand, but I am having fun...


  1. I have always loved whales. When I was a kid, my favorite book was called Kilroy and the Gull, about a whale that gets taken by a "Sea World" type outfit, then befriends a seagull that helps him escape.

  2. does the whale have a name?
    that would make a great tatoo :)

  3. The eye lashes and tail make me smile really big.