Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tiny Truths

Drawing - pencil sketch from 2003.


  1. i love his arms, hands, and overalls...

  2. Great drawing! Speaking of fun with art take a look at my blog to see how your art is bringing joy to kids in Nova Scotia! Happy Valentines Day from Grade 9!

  3. I am not surprised that the two of you would comment on this sketch. The image was inspired by my dear friend's dad; a folkster as you would call him.
    He is now in his mid-80's...lives in Kentucky...every morning he walks his property to pray and meditate...look at the trees...and tend to his bird feeders.
    Back in 2003, after returning from a visit with her dad, my friend shared how her dad returned from his morning walk with a rock that he thought looked like a little wounded bird.
    The story touched my heart.

  4. Hey .. I just noticed I can read the posts better. Good work Jenny. That is better for eyes that are over 40.