Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Most Beautiful Woman

Recipe for Beauty:

1 Styrofoam ball
2 cotton balls
3 sequins
2 tassels off an old curtain
4 straight pins
white glue

When I was four, I made this Christmas ornament. She is beautiful! Oh, how I love her!
I's okay to laugh. So maybe her sequin eyes are a bit wonky, the tassel earrings are a bit gaudy and there are a couple of bug carcasses in her cotton ball hair, but it is the spirit of creativity that I love about her.
I remember making her. I had the power to choose the materials, how I designed her, and I didn't care what anyone else thought. She was beautiful! I loved my creation and I was so happy!
It was a rare moment - one I have never been able to recreate. But that is okay. I will continue to create no matter what.
It reminds me though, that even one, uninhibited, creative opportunity in a child can last a lifetime.
Simple. Joy. Beauty. Love.


  1. and jenny see it's like the brancusi quote on the sidebar - it's pure joy. that's what it is!! steven

  2. How could have I forgotten about that quote? Silly me! You are right. Pure JOY!! Thanks, Steven.

  3. She is beautiful. She sorta looks like a Neil Gaiman character.

    I'm reminded of the ceramic squirrel cum ringholder I made in elementary school. I wonder if my mom still has it.