Saturday, December 19, 2009

Drawing in Bed

When I let go of what I am,

I become what I might be.

-Lao Tzu

I mentioned I was "sick." It really turned out to be a silent migraine - moderate pain but severe symptoms. My brain feels foggy for a couple of days after as it mends and and finds clarity again. At night, I have been drawing in bed. It is feels good. I only take my tiny paper and a pen.
The top drawing is done with my right hand, my dominate hand.
The bottom drawing was done with my left hand.


  1. hi jenny - you poor thing! i get migraine auras that sometimes wake me in the middle of the night. a sawtoothed flickering that spreads across my field-of-vision - it's actually beautiful to look at because every colour is represented in its arc. but the after-effects are tough - head and back pain and tiredness. lewis carroll used to get them. in fact it's where i figured out what they were when i read something he'd written about his own experience of migrainal auras. i hope your body feels better soon. in the meantime, you draw beautifully even under duress! have a peaceful evening. steven

  2. I hope you feel well very soon. I was left to wonder if the drawings you make with your left hand express different aspects of your emotional life. I would guess that they might....

  3. Steven - I once had the color aura years ago. It was amazing to watch. But, I am sorry you, too, go through this. Thank you very much for the well wishes!

    Dan - Thank you for the well wishes, too. I appreciate it. And yes, I do feel my left hand taps into a much deeper part of me when I draw that way. Thank you for pondering it. Usually when I draw with my right hand, I am trying to express experiences that can't be verbalized, but I still go through all the judgmental filters that come along with creativity. When I draw with my left hand, I can go into some deeper emotions without all the bouncy, mental chatter. It is usually a much more peaceful experience. Over the summer, as a friend was dying, I only drew with my left hand. I have a wonderful documentation of the time we had together in his last weeks - each drawing captures a moment in a fun, childlike way. The drawings have become very dear to me.