Saturday, December 12, 2009

Clarence Schnitzel: A Love Letter

My dear Charlotte,

May I be so bold as to bespeak you with such a glorious name as you have.
I am only a humble painter but I have heard so much about you that I am pining to look into your ravishing and magnificent eyes.

Again and again I have tried to sketch you. But I have failed utterly and I am seized with a heart-rendering madness. I feel so unworthy to send you a line, but I must empty my heavy heart and you my darling are the only one in the world!

I cannot eat nor sleep, but my pictures have acquired a fine spiritual quality which betokens the mad passions which are rapidly consuming my soul.

My spirit shrinks from asking, but on bended knee I implore you to send me one tiny word to give me hope so that you may not wholly perish. Until I hear from you I shall be in mortal agony.

Your ever devoted,
Clarence Schnitzel

Artwork and Letter: This letter was written for my paternal grandma, Charlotte Hall Brown Stevning, 1904 - 1979. Recently I came across it. I do believe it is very sweet. I am a hopeless romanitc! But I cannot figure out if it was a real love, or if it was a joke Charlotte's sister was playing on her.

The collage background contains layers of black and white photocopies of the original letter.

Oh, and I don't know who Clarence Schnitzel is. My paternal grandpa's name is Donald Archibald Stevning.


  1. hello jenny stevning! it is so romantic and sweet. the picture and the letter both are romantic and sweet. "mortal agony". oh the poor man. steven

  2. Clarence Schnitzel strikes me as a rather unfortunate name. The kind a sister could make up perhaps?

  3. This letter amuses me to no end. I am grateful to you both, Steven and Pollinatrix, that you can see both sides of it!!