Monday, December 14, 2009


If God were my lover he would say, "You are not my hurried maid. Come sit with me and breathe."

If God were my lover what would we do?
We would laugh hysterically at tiny bubbles and cry for all of those that missed the Great Show in the sky.

If God were my lover...

If God were my lover there would be reason to pause by the window and sit in the sun streaming across the carpet; there would be reason to stare into a rain puddle and gaze at the trees.

If God were my lover, he would not mind if my afternoon was quiet and still.
He would not say, "You have wasted my time."

If God were my lover...

Photo - This weekend I found a fabric painting I had started about three months ago while in much emotion turmoil. I ripped it up...let it go. (The thought of keeping it made my stomach hurt.) The strips were colorful, so I photographed them from my computer camera and then intensified the colors in iPhoto.


  1. Wow. Thank you. This is perfect timing for me. I just "paused by the window," sat in my chair and had meditation time, but my mind kept wandering and I felt like I was wasting God's time.

  2. jenny stevning the painting revibrated in iphoto is really good! the words speak so clearly. in my knowing of all that is . . . God is what connects everything together which in my own understanding is Love. not the love that binds people together in romantic connection but Love. have a lovely evening. steven

  3. When we pay attention, really pay attention, God is our lover, don't you think?

  4. Pollinatrix - I was nervous about this post. Your comment was assurance. Thank you!! I am thankful for the perfect timing.

    Steven - Thank you! I learn more and more about the love below the story line. I like it. But even with all I know...still..."I don't know." :)

    Dan - Yes, I agree. I am reminded of the song "Ishq'allah Mahabud Lillah." It means God is Love, Lover and Beloved. Thank you!

  5. I've often thought of God as my lover... patient, loving, caring, touching the core of who I really am. Traveling to my heart's depths where no one else is allowed. This was absolutely beautiful, Jenny!