Monday, March 8, 2010

What You Might Look Like...

Say yes to your desire even as it tears you open,
and ask more of you than you know you can endure.

What else can you do but offer yourself to the call

that brought you alive at your first breath?

This is the mystery that you have longed for

and with the grace of your living sacrifice yourself to it daily.

Believe in all that you desire

and allow it to multiply like loaves of bread

and feed that which you and your people are hungry for.

-Joseph Lazenka

Artwork: Colored Pencil, 2002.


  1. The message here is exactly what I've been awakening to.

    I adore this piece of art. "He's got the whole world..." I'll be singing this all day now.

  2. gah! he's got the whole world in his hands...perfect for this....perhaps that should go on my list of You Tube 'to do's?'

    love the picture and words....

  3. Yeah, or he's got the world in his belly in his hands.

  4. dang it! i left my copy of this at your house! can a sistah get another one? :)