Sunday, March 14, 2010

Green Hills

Gift me a yellow sky
soft and warm

Sing me a tender bird
sweet and high

Save me your tired threads
frayed and flimsy

Pray me a room of tiny lights
alone and lovely

Laugh me through the night
again and again...

Coloring - colored pencil on brown lunch sack, created last night while sitting in bed. (That is my kind of Saturday night!)
Yesterday, while driving my daughter to her dad's, we feasted on the green hills and pastures. They will be like this only a short while. I was thankful!


  1. ahhhh... the green hills of spring!

  2. Looks so peaceful and inviting. Don't you just love to draw in bed? There's something so "loose" about doing this. Must be the child in us. Did you stick your tongue out to the side whilst you were drawing? Yep, I thought so.

  3. ah...those blessed canyon hills....
    my favorite springs were when they'd 'green-up' like some picture of an Irish landscape...


  4. Very nice. Hills up here can stay green till May, late May if we've gotten a lot of rain. I took a hike today in green hills... lovely.