Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Light The Lamp

And God comes sweeping through the house of my soul
to rearranging the furniture.
...move this here...push that over there...slide this her...wait no, over here...

He entered through the back door
while i was waiting on the front porch
holding a flat hand to my brow
to shade my eyes from the Sun.

Pray for the visit
The Guest arrives unexpectedly...
...but perfect.

He moves the furniture
quickly, but furiously.
It hurts!

In the belly of my tears
He stops and brushes his hands clean
"Yep, that oughta do it for now."

He left on the warm breath of a soft, gentle wind.

My soul bounces around the new arrangement
I am scared, but not really.

On the table is a note from God:
Dear Jenny -
I told you after this visit nothing would ever be the same.

Leaving both doors open
I laugh
I cry
I sit in the middle

Sketch - drawn last night. Left handed.


  1. Jenny,

    like so much on your blog that I've seen in the last few weeks of tiptoeing through (via Mindful Heart), this is lovely, lovely.

    Thank you for sharing. Really.

  2. Thank you, Neighbor!
    Thank you for stopping by...for you kind words.

    I quickly jumped to your blog and I am in love with you banner photo. Now I will return for more perusing.
    Thank you!

  3. Jenny, its a wild ride when God is the co-pilot, I am always holding on for dear life. The guest in my house usually picks me up and body slams me. I have to say though He is not as rough as He once was. He invites me now and I pray for the courage to accept and be open to the moments when I am present to Him. He is always right out side the door!

  4. here's to the "Always Present."

    cheers Pa! hooray!,