Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beauty and Sadness

Life was suddenly too sad. And yet it was beautiful.

The beauty was dimmed when the sadness welled up.

And the beauty would be there again when the sadness went.

So the beauty and the sadness belonged together somehow.

-Dominic, William Steig, 1972

Paper Doll - made this past weekend.
The quote comes for a book a dear friend let me borrow:
What The Doormouse Said
Lessons for Grown-ups from Children's Books
Collected by Amy Gash
Back in August I made this POST.

Yesterday evening, under a cooling sky the baby (fallen from the nest too soon) bird was finally buried. Services were held by me, my daughter and my mom, Heather.
It reminded me that beauty and sadness DO belong together.


  1. I adore William Steig! Abel's Island is one of my favorite books ever.

    And I've always felt that beauty and sadness are linked. There's a purity there. That kind of sadness goes deeper than normal ego emotion.

    The paper doll is exquisite.

  2. beauty and joy
    beauty and sadness
    beauty and awe
    beauty and silence
    beauty and so many things...
    i picture them 'walking in a line' like little kids....holding hands...

    lovely quote btw,

  3. And, of course, kindness and sorrow. The poem by Naomi Nye that linked us lo those months ago. Steig is wonderful, so many good books he wrote. I especially liked Dr. De Soto and Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.

  4. i learned from my dad's flying away that in death there's also happiness. how? because whatever and whomever he has returned as is able to bring more goodness into the world. there's loss and then also a return. have a peaceful day. steven