Monday, March 22, 2010


Rip from my shirt these tiny buttons of resentment.

Take these heavy-healed shoes...
lead me barefoot through the field of freedom.

Bind the hem of this dress with the stitches of your golden thread of Forgiveness.

Take me whole.

Let me be before the world what I am when I'm alone
And when my vision falls below, let there be forgiveness

Let me answer when I'm called

Let me know the voice it right

And when it's deep inside my soul, I'll know it by its light

Help me to make the loving choice

Let me answer when I'm called by the might and the small

In the service of my soul, let there always be forgiveness


-Carly Simon

Sketch - Created February 21, 2010.


  1. Hi Jenny , good post.
    "Rip from my shirt these tiny buttons of resentment."
    Resentment is a word I use very often when helping people deal with stuff. I would say resentment is the author of 99% of our anxiety. If we can label the feelings generated by resentment we can reclaim our true self. Hows that for a Monday morning!

  2. Thank you, Steve! Just what I needed for this Monday morning!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS JENNY - SO BEAUTIFUL, and just what I needed this Monday.

  4. all grace
    all release
    all experiential joy
    right now
    as a free gift to yourself
    and to share with others...