Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mighty Shadows

Even the tiniest pebble
can make a mighty, long shadow.

Winter...I will miss you!
You have been so good to me.

Spring, I think we can be friends.

Photo - Taken this winter on a wonderfully cold and sunny day.


  1. me likes cold and sunny days....

  2. jenny - such a cool pic. i had a long walk through the snowy spring woods this morning. i left the trail and used the stream as my trail - soakers, wet boots and lots of beautiful photographs and thoughts and by the end i said thankyou out loud. thankyou for arriving spring. thankyou for leaving a little bit of you here winter!!! we're all friends. steven

  3. Wonderful picture. Quite thought provoking in fact.

    I'm pretty sure Spring and I will be friends, at least I'm very open to the possibility.