Friday, March 5, 2010

Chloe Driving

Now she is a licensed driver.

What an odd Rite of Passage...

I flounder as a mother.
This stage does not come naturally to me.
I miss the days of sorting buttons,
digging in the dirt, reading stacks of books,
PlayDoh, stickers and crayons....
long tubby times where I would sit on the edge of the tub
and show her pictures from National Geographic...
snuggly jammies and bedtime.

How do you know what threads to keep
and which ones you cut? And when?

But it is still the little this song.
It is one of her favorites...mine, too.
We sang it at the top of our lungs
on the way to the DMV
under a beautiful, cloudy sky.

Photo - Me and Chloe, October 1994,
ages 22 and 1. And yes, that is my baby
girl, Chloe, even though she looks a wee
bit like a boy in the photo.


  1. Time does fly. I remember when I got my license. My Mom got hers at the same time. My sister was our licensed driver while we that was a hoot. What a sweet picture of the two of you.

  2. Time does fly, I'm realising that and my baby is only 8 weeks old! You can't slow it down, but you can drink up all the wonderful moments to keep in your memory treasure chest. Enjoy.

  3. my boy will be getting his license next spring. i remember holding him seconds after he arrived in this world, leaving him at kindergarten and crying (me not him), watcing him cross the stage at his grade 8 grad . . . but i love the man he is becoming and know that the gift he is will someday be appreciated by many others. lovely photo jenny. steven