Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wee Threads

I can see now why Susan of The Whole Blooming World
uses this in her comment box.

I posted THIS.
My old art.
Words by Joseph Lazenka.

Susan commented.
Todd commented.

Susan's comment inspired Todd to sing.

Yesterday, I received an unexpected email from
Joseph Lazenka, Director, School of Lost Borders.
He was thanking me for the pairing of his words with my art. (Phew!)
The simple email warmed my heart.

Weaving the story in my creative heart.
I am thankful.


  1. I love Todd's video clip. Fantastic stuff!

  2. Me again! I've put this clip on my Kindergarten blog I like it so much. Thanks, Jenny for inspiring this stuff. It's catching!

  3. these little pieces of serendipity are fabulous! i'm so glad you stopped by and said hello at my site. is the artwork you use on this site yours? i find it very compelling. blessings to you and yours on this saturday.

  4. Dan, thank you!

    Lucy - Thank you for stopping by! Yes, all the artwork is mine.

  5. Nifty! I love the way blogging works. And Todd's song is wonderful.

  6. "the more we get together...together...together...the more we get together...the happier we'll be, cause your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends...the more we get together..the happier we'll be..."
    seems applicable here...thank you all :)

  7. jenny - so sweet! i love the little quiet dinosaur on the table!!! steven

  8. My two-year-old, who sat on my lap and watched the video with me, loved the dinosaur too.