Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It is She who held the Hand when my hands were clenched and unwilling.

It is She who guided my steps while I hid my face from the world.

It is She who said, "I know you are in pain, but look...there is a ladybug...look...clouds...look...tiny feathers...look...flowers..."

"Please...See," She whispers gently.

It is She who is sitting with the Great Friend and is not afraid to snuggle up next to Him.
A garland of backyard dandelions sits on her head and the warm sun tells her she is safe...and always has been.

Drawing - Figured drawn last night at a friend's house, coloring in the dim light while watching old episodes of 21 Jumpstreet.
This morning I cut her out and glued her to blue construction paper.


  1. so beautiful.....I lovve the shades of blue;)

  2. sophia...lady Wisdom
    always pointing the way
    always precious
    always Present
    always calling
    ready to be asked.

  3. Well done drawing and verse! Love the dandelion line. Brings forward memories and images.

  4. Lovely, even though quite blue.

  5. lovely! Lately I am drawn to the image of my heart as a plant and I practice visualizing it thus with the varieties I see every day. One day an artichoke bud, one day calla lilies (I drew that and posted it on my blog), one day a plum leaf. I like this heart-plant drawing you've made :-)