Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Favorite Quote

A quote my mom shared with me four years ago.
I adore this and keep it out where I can read it often.

If it does not feed the fire of your creativity, then leave it.

If people and things do not inspire your heart to dream,
then leave them.

If you are not crazily in love and making a stupid fool of yourself,

then step a little closer to the edge of your heart and

where you've been forbidden to go.

-Jimmy Santiago Baca

Photo - Me (the ragamuffin, snowsuit-ed girl on left) and my mama, Winter 1973.


  1. This is EXACTLY what I needed today. Thank you!

    Jimmy Santiago Baca is from New Mexico! He was actually part of an event my daughter's school hosted once.

  2. Jenn--thanks for bringing this quote back to me today.
    I am re-minding....