Monday, April 19, 2010

Little Bird

What if I didn't sing out?
And instead sang down through my feet...
the ones that stand barefoot on the kitchen floor.

What if I didn't love in a straight line?
But instead hopped and skipped and jumped...
up and down, left and right...around...
spiraling down to the Center.

What if God's stitches are crooked?
Could I bare such a perfect Glory?
I can! I can as you encourage me to stand on this rock with eyes on the horizon...
knowing I carry the beginning stitches in my hem.

Take your needle, my child, and work at your pattern --

it will come out a rose by and by.

Life it like stitch at a time, taken patiently.

-Oliver Wendell Holmes

Felt - hand-sewn birdy, 2004.


  1. that lil' bird is glorious....

  2. I love this image of singing down through my feet.