Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Velvet Painting & A Blogging Friend

My mom, Heather, moved into her new home today. For the past 3 years this St. Bernard painting on velvet has been hanging in the garage of her old home - a rental. This artistic gem belongs to the landlord. For three years, my mom has looked at this every time she got in, or out of her car. No doubt it drove her crazy! It doesn't belong to me, but I had a strong urge to take it. It makes me chuckle - so hideous it's glorious. :)

My fun news...

I have a new blogging friend! Her name is Jean.
She is a writer, a knitter, a mother of 4 grown kids, a wife, a business coach...
I envy her knitting skills and marvel at the fact she has written 8 novels.

Jean is my first in-the-flesh blogging friend. We met in the Ontario airport.
While waiting for a flight, I had my iPod stuffed in my ears and my nose stuffed in a copy of Artful Blogging. Jean, thankfully, struck up a conversation.

"Do you blog?" she asked.
"Why yes, I do," I answered, but felt all swoony as if I was some dainty Southern Bell.
Wow! A fellow blogger - in the flesh!

We chatted all the way to Arizona.
Four days later, on my flight home, there was Jean again! The chances!
We chatted all the way back to California.


  1. that painting is glorious...nothing else...just glorious....did you take it?

  2. That painting is gloriously hideous, but it is funny! I remember those velvet paintings, so kitchy! How wonderful to meet another blogger. Fun! Sounds like you had a great time. Is there actually a book on blogging?

  3. Ahem... did you clear this "new friend" with me? I think not. Don't be dipping into my Frenl time, Jean! See you Monday : )

  4. Jean sent me over. Nice to meet you. I've only seen Elvis on velvet, the dog is equally memorable.