Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Love Affair

Something you may not know about me: I have a secret love affair with school buses. I love them!
I will admit I didn't always like riding the bus, but I do have sweet memories.
I love the way they sound.
I love the giant wipers that would swing wildly on rainy days.
I love the metal seats.
I love the stop sign that flips out when letting kids on and off.
As a little girl in Colorado, I loved the warmth and safety of the bus on a cold, snowy day.
I love school buses - new and old.

Please forgive me for not announcing the winner yesterday as I said I would
The winner of a Liver & a Lover is:
Dan Gurney of A Mindful Heart.

Have a good weekend everyone!
I am off to my grandma's 85th Birthday Party!


  1. Yeah! Thanks!

    The wheels on the bus go round and round....

    I'm a fan of school buses, too.

    Happy birthday to your grandma! Do you know the Irish birthday song? It's so great.

  2. Happy Birthday Grandma. At the risk of sounding like an old fuddy duddy, all the things you listed are the things I disliked about riding the bus. I walked to school for the first 7 years and then having to ride the bus to high school was such an uncomfortable change for me. Glad those days are over.

  3. The Pheebs LOVES school buses... one of our favorite games in the car is pointing them out!

  4. Just yesterday I stumbled upon your blog. I don't follow anyone's blog although some friends have recommended different ones but to tell you the truth I'm so busy with my own life that peeking into other's, well....

    Have you ever been shuffling through the pages of a dictionary looking for a particular word, your eyes darting quickly from letter to letter, your mind thinking in unison, then, out of the blue, for no particular reason, a word jumps out and grabs you, forcing every visual and mental operation into a screeching halt and you just gotta read what the meaning is before you can continue with what you grabbed the dictionary for in the first place?
    Well, it's very similar to what happened yesterday as I saw the image titled "Little Light". It grabbed my eyes and pulled me into it's burning serenity... Of course, I had to follow the path into your blog. I will be taking peeks whenever I can, so know you have another follower. Thanks for posting such beautiful image-art-creations.