Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Paths

Today my daughter turns 17!

This morning I sat down before this piece of water color paper that I had gently painted yesterday - just a square of color. I took my pen and saw the wee figure. Once he was revealed I added the rest.

Then the thought came to mind: some paths we walk alone.
How fitting.

My daughter enters the age where she has to start walking paths alone.
As her parent I have to trust, even if there are heart-threads that want to cling.

There are paths I have to walk alone, too.

Grace comes and even if walking alone we don't feel lonely.
For this, I am most grateful.
And it is this I wish for my daughter on her birthday.


  1. I wish you daughter a very happy birthday, Jenny. What a beautiful photo of you and she when she was just a wee mite. It is a lovely little painting revealed and sentiment as well. Here is a very well-known poem by one of my favorite poets for your daughter's special day.

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter! And Happy Birthing Day to you!

  3. No, Jenny! You never have to walk alone.

  4. That was beautiful. Your daughter is lucky to have such a caring mom. Happy birthday to her!