Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Little Books

Monday afternoon, I hit up the new used bookstore in town. What treasures I found!
The first book, She Loves Me... She Loves Me Not... speaks for itself as I am a sucker for anything written and/or illustrated by Maurice Sendak. It wasn't until I got home and read the back panel of the jacket that I discovered who the author, Robert Keeshan is. He's Captain Kangaroo!

The second book is a Hallmark Edition of The Lord is My Shepherd, illustrations by Betsy Clark!
I adored Betsy Clark when I was little. Her illustrations were so sweet and sad - all those little ragamuffin girls. I believe I use to have a copy of this exact book. It thrills me to have a copy again!

Speaking of ragamuffin girls...that is me on the right in the faux-patchwork nightie and scraggly hair. Ha! You can see why I would be attracted to Betsy Clark's drawings.
This also happens to be one of my favorite photos of me, my sister, and brother.
It's my brother's birthday today.
Happy Birthday, Cam!


  1. I collected Betsy Clark figurines when I was maybe in 7th grade. The books are treasures! As is the photo.

  2. This is such a cute picture! I was just randomly searching google for ragamuffin and it popped up. A word that my mom lovingly called my sister and I as kids.