Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reweave The Days

If I could reweave the days
I would choose a gentle cloth
and threads of forgiveness

I would weft for self love
and weave my way closer to you

I would stitch a pocket to hold the pain
and a hem to hold the Mystery

If I could reweave the days
I would stitch the night closer to yours
and reach my hand out to hold

I would weft acceptance and weave devotion
as I prayerfully tie knots in the golden thread
of our days


  1. Hi Jenny,
    This one is for you my dear. You are so worthy of love and we are so grateful for what you give us!

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Here is the poem from Panhala that I meant to leave you the link to and the link address so you can see the lovely photo with it.

    Some Say You're Lucky

    Some say you're lucky
    If nothing shatters it.

    But then you wouldn't
    Understand poems or songs.
    You'd never know
    Beauty comes from loss.

    It's deep inside every person:
    A tear tinier
    Than a pearl or thorn.

    It's one of the places
    Where the beloved is born.

    for Lisa

    ~ Gregory Orr ~

    (Concerning The Book That Is the Body Of The Beloved)