Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bundt Cakes & Sorrow

What needs to be said in the quiet, lonely hour
plodding through
this fully empty sorrow
applause will never come

What needs to be done with your stifled love
testing every ounce
twisting and projecting
ignoring me until we are both sadly alone

What needs to be done with my soul in your absence
deep in the moment
minutia collapses upon itself
the love you left me reveals

so much love to give
so much love to miss
it is time I took you off my wall

Artwork - paper collage.
I created this last night. Other ingredients included a friend, laughter, lasagna and a wee bit of vodka.


  1. hi jenny stevning - i'm trying to put together in my head the makings of a wickedgood fun evening (a friend, laughter, lasagna and a wee bit of vodka) with the collage and the poem. not trying to make sense of the seeming disconnect, but there's a whole wack of cathartic something in those pics and words!!! get it allll out!!! nice work by the way. steven

  2. I am interested in the photo collage. Was this made with the Photoshop?

  3. Hi, twin_lens. The collage was created the old fashioned way - cut and paste. I used a canvas as a surface and then built the layers of paper on top using a soft gel medium as my adhesive. The only computer manipulation was scanning it in and then I did intensify the color a bit in iPhoto.
    Oh, how I dream of knowing how to use Photoshop! Someday...
    Thank you for asking. Let me know if you have other questions.

  4. Steven...I had to ponder a bit on your comment. Yes, there is a lot going on in the art and words, and the setting it was created in. Kinda makes me laugh when I step back and look. Rather neurotic I'd say! :) Well, really it is just my constant expression as I flounder between wisdom, delusion and healing.