Friday, October 2, 2009

Be Afraid

Do not be afraid to be afraid.

Be afraid, exult, hope, despair, wait, and wonder.

And then LOVE.

- Stephen Foster

What is the point of anything if we can't return to love?
And why can't we allow ourselves time to return to that love...monthly, daily, hourly...moment by moment?
To love love - isn't that the point of existing?

He died 4 weeks ago.
He was not a perfect man. But he was extremely generous with this his time and money. I appreciated him, but he drove me crazy sometimes, too.
I shared with a friend the story about Gary hugging me.
She pointed out how huge that was...that I accepted the love.
I could have told Gary, " need your rest," as he raised his weak arms up to me.
My friend pointed out that I took the love he had to offer. I took it fearlessly...without question. I took his love and his hug.
He loved me.
I accepted.

How often do we truly accept the love people offer us?
How often do we keep love at arms length, or only open our hearts half way because it is safer that way?
I ask because I am still learning.

Love love.

Photo collage, 2004.
The man is my Great Uncle Chris McCririe.

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