Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wake Up

I say this to you
I say this to me

Wake Up!

I didn't know he loved me that much.
How could I have been so blind?
Or was I?

Love Love

Hold back, my love.
Hold back my love.
The comma changes everything.

Wake Up!

Life is too short for linear thinking
Let's go swim in the ocean.
There is more room there!
My friend told me so.

Wake up, Love!
Wake up LOVE!
The comma changes everything.


  1. hi jenny - waking up to love on any level and in any form is magic and overwhelming. my own sense is that it isn't so much being asleep to it, or oblivious to it as much as were very often unprepared. because we need to get our sense of ourselves and others out of the way in order for love to enter. in that way we help the door open. have a lovely day. steven

  2. Thank you, Steven! I just returned from a long weekend with my family. It was nice to see your comment. I like your perspective - rather than punish myself and others for "being asleep," I can appreciate that we are all simply making preparations!
    Ahhhh...each time I am a little more prepared.

  3. Waking up love. It's a noble effort/activity. May we all be amazingly successful in this ambition. Lovely sentiment, Jenny.