Friday, October 30, 2009

Sorry Elizabeth

Last Halloween I made these. In my huge collection of old family photos, I found this particular photo of a rather puffy, stodgy old woman. She was perfect for altering, so I photocopied her and began playing.

Earlier this month at the bookstore, I was whizzing down the biography isle when something caught my eye. There was a new book...a photo...something familiar. After flipping through the pages, I found the exact photo that I own.

As it turns out, I own a photo of a significant woman in American history! It is because of her ground work I can vote! And I have been desecrating her in my altered art?!


Elizabeth Cady Stanton, I am sorry.


  1. Oops! Great story Jenny. I'm sure Ms. Stanton would get a chuckle out of that. No sacred cows!

  2. Thanks, Lori! I hope she can see the humor. I can say I do LOVE to vote and proudly wear my sticker all day just to show it off. So, maybe I can find a wee bit of redemption in that??

  3. jenny stevning ~ in steven's cosmology nothing happens by accident and so i expect you were destined to learn about elizabeth stanton for whatever reason. very cool funny pics. i did something similar to a picture of a well-known contemporary european artist. i placed some of my work at a show i had (this was in the eighties) and found that apparently there are sacred cows after all!!! sweet evening out there. steven

  4. Too funny! I think she would find humor in it :)