Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekend Giveaway

This weekend give away is inspired by two things:

1. Noelle of The Angel Wears Fins posted a poem by Naomi Shihab Nye. The last line is was stuck with me: the hands are churches that worship the world.

2. I have a friend, Carolyn. About 5 years ago she suffered a severe aneurysm and had 4 brain surgeries in one year. In August, Carolyn's sister, Neta, also suffered from an aneurysm but sadly, she passed on August 6th.
Today is Neta's birthday! Her family is honoring her by urging people to remember to stop and do acts of kindness - even the smallest thing.

No matter what Faith we walk, or if we even do, we can all create kindness.
Our 'hands are churches that worship the world.'

I offer the above artwork as my giveaway today. It will be sent to you along with a mat that will fit your average 8 x 10 frame. (The mat will either be white or black - your choice.)

To win, simple leave me a comment on this post sometime this weekend.
Monday morning (10/11/10), I will pick a winner by pulling names out of a "hat."

I also have a giveaway on my other blog: U.Du.Art.
This blog is where I share my more light-hearted art. Earlier this week I posted a drawing of an elephant in a sweater. There is a new elephant drawing that you could win!
Click HERE and follow the directions to win.

Have a wonderful, kind weekend! :)
See you all Monday!


  1. Someday I will win one of your give-aways!! I will!

  2. Oh, Jenny! This is lovely. I am so deeply and profoundly moved by the story of your friend and her sister. It is so heart-opening that Naomi Shihab Nye's poem inspired you in this way paired with Carolyn and Neta's stories. I would like to offer you the link to this poem by Nye which you may already know (it has been blogged so many times, but one can never see or hear it enough) and tell you that I am holding Carolyn in the light. When kindness can spring from former sorrows, we have come a long way, haven't we?

  3. So lovely. Thank you for the reminder to always looks for ways to show kindness.

  4. What a lovely giveaway. Today I will spread kindness in honor of Neta's birthday yesterday. I am a new follower to your blog - Thank you for sharing your art!

  5. So nice to meet you , Jenny:) And thank you for your very kind words about my blog.

    Your pictures are lovely. Your words are lovely. Your blog is lovely.

    I love your thankfulness. xo Lydia

  6. You have inspired me - I can draw, so it is not an impossible dream - but what material do you use to color? I love the way you blend and run-in the colors.