Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daily Bread


  1. Your work is so very lovely. :)

  2. 'get in my belly!' ;)

  3. This is very sweet. I love it. I am back in town now. It looks like your blog membership is growing girl! That is great!

  4. I thought that it would be nice for you to know and see what others say about your artwork in other venues. You inspire a lot of interesting conversation. Here is a link to google buzz where i shared this blogpost.

  5. I realize now that you may not be able to access that post. Here is what it said word for word:
    2 people liked this - Maya Ben and Riette RoosRiette Roos - Yesterday morning there was a short devotion on the Afrikaans radio station. I try to listen to it every Saturday morning because I learn so much from that particular minister. the question yesterday was:"What is our daily bread?" His answer boils down to the following:" Our daily bread is whatever we need to be completely human, whatever we need to live."
    It can even be something like electricity . . . .Oct 30DeleteUndo deleteReport spamNot spam2 previous comments from Riette Roos, Noelle Clearwater
    Noelle Clearwater - Riette Roos I like that a lot. And in many parts of Africa, it is exactly that isn't it. Some friends of mine were involved in the Solar light project in Uganda. I believe you have it in South Africa as well, in Natal. I just found this organization. I see that it is world wide. "Give us this day, our daily bread."EditOct 30DeleteUndo deleteReport spamNot spamRiette Roos - Exactly. As the world changes, needs change and our "daily bread" change . .. . thanks for the link, Noelle Clearwater
    "SELF’s mission is to provide solar power and wireless communications to a quarter of the world’s population living in energy poverty. Acting as a catalyst, SELF provides technical and financial assistance to empower these people to change their lives.

    SELF believes that energy is a human right. To meet global challenges such as food and water scarcity, climate change and poverty, SELF works to assign greater priority to the importance of sustainable energy among international development banks, aid agencies, foundations, and philanthropic individuals, who are committed to improving the health, education, and economic prospects of the world's poorest citizens.[3]"Oct 30