Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Giveaway

Hello All!

I am sorry for being late.
Here is the HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY I mentioned.

What will you win?

Color copy of three different altered photos.
A handmade pumpkin paper doll.
A Halloween garland.

How do you win?

Leave me a comment sharing your favorite Halloween costume of the past.
I will pick a random name on Wednesday evening.
Check back in on Thursday morning to see who won!
(Please make sure I have a way to contact you. If your email is linked to your blog - great! If not, you can email me. My email is linked on my profile page.)

Thank you!


  1. my parents forgot about the costume parade at the Smiley Halloween carnival and had to do a little improvising. Out came a sheet, with too-large eyes and mouth holes outlined in black marker. To top it off: a spray-painted black fedora and string tied around the neck to seperate the head and body of the stylin' ghost. Did I mention this was the same year that Star Wars came out and all my friends were dressed up as Princess Leia?? See my profile pic on here for the "scary ghost" of Halloween's past!!

  2. Did I also mention that my dad owns a THEATRE?! With a COSTUME SHOP?????

  3. how fun jenny! i don't know if it's my favorite...but it sure is one that makes me giggle a bunch...i was cookie monster when i was a little girl!? isn't that the weirdest!!? what was i thinking!? (no offense cookie monster)

    happy halloween! xox...jenn

  4. My favorite costume was my vampire pirate costume a few years ago. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :0)

  5. My favorite costume may have been last year's because I was a Nordic milkmaid, sort of an alterego or something I feel to be in my soul somehow. If I believed in past lives, then I suppose that would explain it. I had lots of fun putting together the costume.

  6. My fave Halloween costume was a few years ago when I dressed as Bonnie Parker. I had read several books about her and totally became her for the night. Very fun
    tanyainjville at yahoo dot com