Sunday, August 1, 2010


My daughter's dad gave back to me my family's old terracotta pot. But he returned it freshly planted with vincas.
My hair dresser gave me a powder I was oogling over.

A healing hug from my mama!
An unexpected phone call from a sweet friend.
Daily laughter.

Grace. Forgiveness.

Gifts. I like them...especially the one that can't be contained in a box.

Another gift is to see people coloring.
Dan of A Mindful Heart is coloring!
And so is Branden, a winner of the Fun Free CD giveaway from Todd's YouTube page.


  1. such a wonderful sentiment....
    appreciate your gratitude...such a contagious thing in a good way!

  2. Cool. Brandon colors faster than I can! Cool to hear the music that goes with the image.

  3. I love your image today. Gifts that are returned to us in new and fuller ways are the best. Unexpected treasures, including laughter,love and forgiveness make life so worth living. I loved the video. You made my day!

  4. Amazing, a complete stranger coloring in my daughter's artwork with a sweet man singing in the background about letting his light shine!

  5. A lovely post. Cool video and beautiful comments. A gift in itself.