Sunday, August 1, 2010

Farewell To Tarawathie

But there's no bird in Greenland
To sing to the whale

-Lyrics: Farewell to Tarawathie

Since high school, I have been in love with Judy Collins' version of this song.
While looking for her video I found this guy and liked him better.


  1. jenny the first time i heard this was judy's version. i was nineteen and it was a late november night. the snow was falling hard but i was inside where it was warm. lots of wine. good friends were all away so i was alone. i love this song. steven

  2. I love your whale! It is one of my favorite songs too!

  3. hey, before i even give a listen...this is 'blinddrunkal' my friend from whales!!! he's amazing in all of his music! and if you haven't checked further...dig deep into his you tube page...he's brilliant! blues, country, celtic folk tunes, harmonica playing, etc.

    Alan, is also an artist a very good one....