Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ceaseless Grace

As the sun shines with a ceaseless grace

Lyrics: Villagers, On A Sunlit Stage

My daughter always finds interesting music. This song is one of them.
The other evening we both ended up at the table. She colored one of my drawings and I created the image above.
As a friend gently reminds me; sometimes you just have to surrender to the cuteness.
Hugs for everyone!


  1. any opportunity to reexperience innocence is welcomed!!! steven

  2. I love this Jenny. I love the picture that is like a rising sun of ceaseless grace and I love the video of this sweet boy singing in his bathroom. He probably likes the way his voice sounds in there.

  3. love Steven's comment...
    and yes, Jenny, surrender....
    it could be part of your vocation...