Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lighten UP & Garland GiveAway

I have needed to lighten up lately.
A mustache photo always seems to do the trick!!

You see I need a way to pass through the pain
Breathe it and bear it and rise up again

Take me away to the land of Christmas

Where I can receive your kiss

Feel the strength in my heart
-Carly Simon

I would love to give away this watermelon garland!
It is about 3 ft long and contains:
1 watermelon
2 water drops
2 leaves
2 circles
1 ladybug
2 gingham squares

As before, leave a comment sharing your favorite summer reading (past or present).
Tomorrow I will draw a name to see who will win the garland!
If you want to share about your summer reading but
aren't interested in the garland, feel free to leave a comment anyway
and simply note you just wanted to share.

Thank you!