Monday, July 5, 2010

Flower Play

today i don't know why
and for today i will stop asking

today i will choose to dance
away from my jagged edge
and for today i will remember
whose i am

today i will leave this old dingy, tattered hem
in the Hand of the one i Love
and for today I will step forward
with this clean hem at my feet

Collage - water soluble oil bars with paper collage.
2.5 x 3.5 inches


  1. water soluble oil bars.....sounds fun!!!!

  2. I love your poem. The idea of "dancing away" rather than running from your "jagged edge" is such a positive way of perceiving it. You know it is there and you may meet it again tomorrow, but you choose not to partner with it today. I love equally the notion of shedding the old, dingy, and tattered parts of yourself and leaving them to be rejuvenated in the hands of Love so that you might move forward and become more whole. Don't know if I have it but that is what I got from your writing. I love the flower and the colors. Thank you, Jenny,

  3. I love your multimedia art+poetry. I especially love the depth and richness of the collage background against the spring green. The poem is beautiful; love the remembering "whose I am" and the motion the poem has...dancing and stepping forward. Deceptively simple, both pieces, full of meaning.