Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wallpaper Book

My grandma presented me with an old wallpaper book she has had since the early 70's.
I immediately fell in love!
It kinda surprised (and maybe worried) my grandma at how ecstatic I was over the book.

I am not sure what I will do with the book and the endearing sample pages within.
In the mean time, I will fawn over each page trying to decide if I am brave enough to use the actual pages or if I will color copy them.

My favorite? THE RED GINGHAM!


  1. hey jenny stevning! wallpaper books are so fantastic as jumping off points for all sorts. i get them for my students and it's actually amazing what they do with them. have a blast! steven

  2. Quite a treasure! It's funny how wallpaper fads come and go, and what seems divine to one generation seems so antiquated to the next, and then it comes full circle and once again, another generation is charmed. This book is a real find, and I look forward to seeing what it inspires in you!