Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Something Good

There is a part of us that longs to know

that even what's weakest about us is

still redeemable and can ultimately

count for something good.

-Fred Rogers
Life's Journey According to Mr. Rogers

Drawing - Created this morning.
Photo - My sunflower in all its glory as of today.


  1. Once again, we're on the same wavelength. I've been thinking about certain weaknesses of mine in just this way. It can be a struggle for me at times between working on changing those weaknesses and accepting and finding redemption in them. I still haven't totally worked that one out. This quote definitely helps me in that process.

  2. Nice drawing and sunflower. Fred Rogers is one of my heros!

  3. It is a beautiful idea and yes, it is something we all wish for. It is a longing for full acceptance--mostly from ourselves. We have been told all our lives that certain parts of us are unacceptable. Those we have hidden away beneath layers of what we know will allow us to remain connected with others. But the deeper and more profound parts of us are relegated to that land called "unredeemable" from which few travelers return without much inner work. I love your sunflower Jenny. You have beautiful soul.

  4. Like the quote, like the drawing, like the sunflower!

  5. This is so sweet - she is so precious. Beautiful post today Jenny.

  6. Black and white art speaks volumes. Your sunflower is so pretty. I love the yellow against the reddish background. Can't go wrong with Mr. Rogers, huh? Take care and enjoy your weekend.