Friday, June 11, 2010

Crow Dream

Last night, I had another bird dream.
This one included crows.
I looked up to see a muster of crows flying
over head just out of arm's reach.
Then...he flew by (sans the crown).
In the dream he was much cuter,
but this rendering will do.

Look at everything as though you were seeing it

for the first time or the last time.

Then your time on earth will be filled with glory.

-Betty Smith, Author


  1. jenny when i see crows - and they often talk as i ride by or fly alongside me - i say hey guys and talk to them. cyclists are a strange lot but this is something i treasure because it's real to me. steven

  2. Hi Jenny,
    I love your picture. I found a crow feather in my path the other day as I was walking by a creek. I took it as a sign of luck. Native Americans believe that those who have passed return to visit us as birds, particularly mothers who have gone to the other world. I have had many such visitations from birds. I love the message at the end and the crown. Lovely.

  3. There is no accidental encounter with wild animals, either in dream life nor in the waking world. Each encounter has significance, even with little bugs.

    Crows, I've been told by people I think wiser than me, are messengers from the other side. So they have significance. I think of those who've passed when I see a crow or a raven.